Growing Business Providing Better College Evaluation Service

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Finding all the essential details for evaluating a college has traditionally required searching several sources. Now, Unigo provides a single resource of aggregated information. The website’s users obtain all the usual facts about a college and its location along with pictures and videos. In addition, Unigo content describes the experiences of ordinary students.

Unigo presents student reviews of class sizes, operations at different departments, and more – even overviews about the local dating scene. Counselors on the website give directions about completing applications and tips for acceptance. Financial aid advice is also rendered.

The Unigo objective is keeping college applicants fully informed about campus life, how to get in, and how to pay. Unigo founder, Jordan Goldman, is the author of The Students’ Guide to Colleges.

A new capital infusion for Unigo is permitting expansion in its network of students and counselors, who provide guidance to the website users. In addition, Unigo is planning to expand its reach to graduate schools and accredited universities outside the US.

Unigo also announced that its content is included in the college rankings issue of US News & Work Report starting in 2011. Those rankings are still closely watched by schools, parents, and students – despite some skepticism about the validity of the magazine’s method.