Have you Considered a Startup Competition?

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Too many new entrepreneurs have a narrow mindset when it comes to success. They believe that the way to a successful business is to plan, implement, problem solve and grow over the course of time and most understand that this blueprint is far from easy. In fact, many small businesses will fail trying to take the proven path. Although this path to success has led to success for many, there are other ways and one of those is to enter startup competitions.

Gamesbeat 2011 is fast approaching. July 12-13 in San Francisco, California, will host one of the largest gaming conferences and this year it is dedicated to online and mobile gaming. Franchises like Angry Birds who have grossed millions in sales are proof that mobile gaming is the current technological gold rush that has taken over Silicon Valley.

As part of the conference, they are holding a startup competition called Who’s Got Game?. It is designed to put the best up and coming mobile games in front of venture capital firms and it’s geared towards the startups. The large gaming companies with mega budgets need not apply because they’re banned from this competition.

Five to seven of the most outstanding mobile gaming ideas will be chosen to present their idea to an auditorium full of investors, CEOs, and industry executives. Each pitch is judged on innovation, creativity, and potential for business success. Once the winner is announced, they will be publicized through blog posts and other media releases and will be introduced to all of the venture firms in the Gamesbeat network.

Who’s Got Game? is only one of the many startup competitions around the world designed to award and publicize the best idea of the modern age. Competitions such as this exist in all sectors of the business world and are publicized liberally to encourage even the smallest entrepreneurs to apply.

If you’ve ever watched a competition like American Idol, you know that you don’t necessarily have to win the competition to find success. Many of the artists who were voted off the show at earlier stages are signed by recording companies and have lived their dream. Startup competitions work in a similar way. Although a competition traditionally has one winner, there are often many other ideas that gain the attention of investors. Although winning is nice, you don’t have to win to live your dream. Find a startup competition that fits your business idea and enter.