Have you Registered for Startup Open Yet?

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If you are an entrepreneur with an innovative idea, you must register for Startup Open. Startup Open is a contest that takes place in conjunction with Global Entrepreneur Week and highlights the most innovative and up and coming businesses. Time is running out, though. You must register no later than September 15, 2011.

Globalization has caused the world to become completely interconnected. At one time, American businesses competed for exposure with other American businesses but now they compete with every business on the planet. This makes it more difficult for a small business with limited funds to be noticed by the masses. Is the next Facebook, Amazon, or Apple buried in a sea of startups? Could the world miss out on an innovative idea because the business doesn’t have the resources to be noticed by the right people? Groups like the Kauffman Foundation, the largest foundation in the world devoted to small business growth does not want this to happen and that is why they sponsor Startup Open.

Here’s how it works. Anybody with a “startup moment between last year’s Global Entrepreneur week and this year’s event may register for Startup Open. A startup  event could be the doors of your business opening, selling your first product or service, or signing your first business contract. Once you register you’re entered in to the competition where 50 businesses are chosen as the “GEW 50”. These are the businesses judged to be the most innovative of the year.

Each new business is judged on their concept, knowledge of the industry where they work, and growth projections by a panel of distinguished judges. Of the top 50, one business will earn the right to attend the Global Entrepreneur Conference. This is an all expenses paid trip to the U.K. for the event. On top of that, a second winner will receive entrepreneurial coaching from the founders of Redbox for one year. The top 50 winners will be announced on October 15th and the two winners announced November 15th at the Global Entreprenur Week conference.

There are startupweekend events all around the nation nearly every month of the year. Go to the Startup America website to find an event in your area. If you have a business about to open its doors or if you have an existing business, the speakers and activities as well as the contacts you will make are well worth the time and small expense of the event. As an entrepreneur if you aren’t attending events like these in order to better yourself, understand that your competitors are.