Healthcare reform predicted to boost job mobility and business formation

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For the past several decades, Blogging Stocks says the nation has been in a condition called “job lock.” Unable to leave the safety of jobs that offer health insurance for individuals and and their dependents, a portion of professionals may have remained in jobs that were unfulfilling.

But thanks to the recent healthcare reform, changing jobs will not mean jeopardizing coverage. Moreover, the new reforms will make it easier to take a chance on self-employment – which the source suggests many entrepreneurial-minded citizens postponed for fear of losing health benefits.

The new U.S. healthcare system makes it easier to purchase insurance plans at an affordable price, so the business-minded might more readily pursue ventures because of the elimination of the healthcare coverage risks.

Other risks associated with starting a company might be eliminated by business incorporation. Incorporating a business can help entrepreneurs protect personal assets, gain tax benefits and safeguard against lawsuits.

With practices to protect businesspeople and a national climate of reduced risks, many new businesses might be cropping up in the U.S. in the near future. According to a report from the Kauffman Foundation, fear of risk-taking is one of the leading barriers to successful entrepreneurial pursuits.