Here’s How One Company Cashed in on the End of the World

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The nation’s small business community is an ingenious bunch. Every entrepreneur is knocking on the doorstep of a wildly successful business if they can formulate two things: A great idea and an action plan that includes a lot of hard consistent work. The more innovative the idea, the more of a risk but the better the award. Take this idea, for example.

It was one of those stories that very few believed but secretly, we all asked, “what if”? On May 21st, 2011, the rapture was supposed to take place. In the blink of an eye, more than 2 million devout Christians would suddenly disappear from the Earth to find themselves in Heaven. This would put in to motion a series of events that would mean the end of the world. May 21st was one of the few times that most Christians and non-believers united against anything but as the world found the very next day, the world didn’t end. Still, Christians believe that the rapture could happen any day.

No entrepreneur is going to let a big news story like this go by without trying to make some money. T-shirts, keychains, emergency legal services, and many other rapture related businesses popped up to service those who found themselves with rapture fever. One company has been preparing for the rapture for years.

If you were to leave in the rapture, who would take care of your four legged loved one? For pet owners, what to do with their pet is a real concern since for animal lovers, their pet is part of the family and leaving a family member uncared for isn’t an option. Eternal Earth Bound Pets wants to help you keep your pet safe and they have the way to do it.

Eternal Earth Bound Pets has a staff of atheists who will go in to action should the rapture take place. If it happens, the staff will go to your home, pick up your pet, and place them in a new home that they already arranged long ago. Your pet will be adopted by their new non-raptured family and live out their years in the post rapture world. Sadly, they can’t handle all pets and they only operate in about half of U.S. states.

This peace of mind only costs you $135 and for those who think that this small business is barely getting off the ground, think again. Business was good before but since the announcement of the impending May 21st rapture, business has taken off and although the business may seem like a novelty, the owners see it differently. They say on their website that although they don’t believe that the rapture will ever happen, they are willing to concede that they may be wrong and they want pets taken care of should it happen.

Eternal Earth Bound Pets is another example of how a clever idea that serves a need that many didn’t realize they had is one of the best formulas to success.