How to Make Your Home Based Business not look Home Based

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According to the United States Small Business Administration nearly half of all small businesses in the United States are home based businesses. The most common of these, about 28%, are professional services and the median income of households where a home based business is located is $63,648. What used to be nothing more than an internet scam is now a fast growing legitimate enterprise largely made popular by advancements in technology that allow us to work from just about anywhere along with saving companies the expense of renting office space.

If you are planning to form a new business based out of your home, there are steps you should take to make sure that your home based business doesn’t look that way. Even though the trend is growing, many still see the home based employeee as not serious about what they do and they see it as a part time hobby rather than an legitimate venture. There are steps you should take to make sure your business presents itself in the same professional manner as any other.

Have a Meeting Place

Don’t conduct meetings at your home unless your home contains an office with a meeting table overlooking the ocean. In most cases, even if you have the space at home, take your meetings to more neutral location like a coffee shop or deli. Do you want your clients to walk in to your home and make judgements on you based on your decorating style and do you want to clean every time you have to meet with a client? Remove all of those variables by going somehwere else.


When you have LLC or INC or some other title after your business name, it shows your clients that you’re serious about your business. It gives it the appearance of not being something you do on your spare time out of your home. Registering your busienss with your state is easy and low cost when you use an online business registration service.

Buy Quality Equipment

Just because you’re at home doesn’t mean you can get away with the $200 computer, the $100 printer and a box of pens. You’re setting up a business where your equipment will receive a lot of use. Buy equipment that will last a long time and be problem free for you.

Have Hours

At the beginning you will have to work on your business for many long hours but as it grows, have boundaries. Close the doors and spend some time with your family. Just because your business is at home doesn’t mean you have to work on it all day every day.

Get your home based business started off right by following the tips above. An increasing amount of people are finding success with home based business and you can too.