Ideas for Social Networking Still Spawning Businesses that Attract Money

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New businesses continue to invade the space for social shopping. Go Try It On is one of the companies gaining acceptance by users. Investors like it too and the company recently raised $3,000,000 from angel investors and a venture capital firm.

Go Try It On allows women to submit pictures of wardrobe ensembles they are considering in order to obtain instant feedback from a community of style experts and fashion enthusiasts. The company provides both a web service and a mobile app.

The newest business effort of Go Try It On is the Personal Stylist Network. Users of this application create their own private style communities consisting of friends, other users of Go Try It One, and style consultants from their favorite brands. This is expected to create growth for the business by keeping photos of personal appearance within a close group. A focus is then contained to effective critique of the clothing.

Creating a personal network of stylists is free. This keeps people connected regardless of distance. A network also permits friends to engage with fashion professionals. Go Try It On expects to further build membership from the unusual way it permits gathering of personalized fashion suggestions while at home or in a store.

As a shopping aid to consumers, Go Try It One becomes a channel for retailers to reach their market of potential buyers. One of the ways that Go Try It On has created a revenue stream is facilitating connections between consumers and brands. The company has partnered with The Gap and Sephora to provide style experts on the website offering insights during designated times on Friday and Saturday. Clothing brands are reaching out to sources like Go Try It On to attract and retain buyers of their merchandise.

Go Try It One intends to use the new capital to enhance its data analytics. By developing an understanding of fashion style approval, the company expects to improve the user experience with personal recommendations.