Important Factors in Choosing a Business Name

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Your first step after deciding to launch a company is selecting a name for the corporation. Before making a final decision about a business name, there are some important factors to investigate.Start by using your corporate name in conversation for a few days. You want to know how it sounds when someone says the name. The business name should roll smoothly when spoken. Avoid awkward back-to-back sounds. These occur with double consonants such as “Self Facing”, which sounds like “cell facing” or “self acing.”

Make sure that your company name is easily pronounced. Prepare a sample 30-second radio commercial using the corporate name. Does the name come across easily within the prose? Can listeners easily remember the name when it’s heard? These are the questions to ask yourself regarding the sound test.

The next factor to address is the spelling of your company name. When people hear it, you want them to immediately recognize how it’s spelled. The sound of your company name should instantly translate to writing without explanation. This is what makes the name memorable. Names that make an impact on memory can be written later instead of immediately when heard. That’s an advantage for naming your company in a way that doesn’t require guesses about spelling.

There’s another particularly important aspect of having a name that’s easy to spell correctly. It drives traffic to your company’s website. That’s where potential customers obtain more information about your business than you can possibly present in conversation or an advertisement. To get them to your website, the company name that’s heard should be easily spelled. Accurate typing of the company name in search engines is essential for prospective customers.

This brings us to the final factor relating to your business name. That is, you need to consider the availability of dotcom names for your company. This is especially critical if the internet has an important position in the future of your corporation. You may have to use dotnet if dotcom isn’t available.

However, using variations of your company name followed by dotcom is a dicey proposition. Your best marketing position is having people remember your company name and web name as the same. You might get by using the acronym for a long company name followed by dotcom or dotnet. But you normally want the actual corporate name—or the first part of it—as your internet domain name.

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