Improper planning: the death knell of a business before it evens starts

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A report from the Small Business Administration suggests that an economic downturn might be a prosperous time to start a new business. For those contemplating business formation, Entrepreneur magazine’s biggest tip is to plan. The source reports that improper planning is one of the main causes of small business failure. It takes more than a strong business plan to get a new business off to a good start. Creating both long- and short-term goals will give new business owners a way to track the progress of their success.

These goals can be little things, like obtaining a new computer, or big things, like increasing sales by 20 percent in a month. Either way, they will help ensure that entrepreneurs are moving their companies in the right direction.

Creating goals like these also ensures that the development of a company is a dynamic process. Businesses should be flexible in the startup phase to ensure they find their best markets.

Venture Hacks suggests that entrepreneurs make it a goal to get customer feedback early on in the lives of their companies. Consumer-directed business plans are often the best recipes for success.

Entrepreneurs can also plan for success by properly incorporating their businesses. Professionals at an incorporation service can help future business owners determine which business types are most suitable for their needs.