Incubate Miami Announces New Technology Event

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Incubate Miami is hosting an event in downtown Miami on on May 6th 2011 to introduce the newest class of startups coming out of Miami. With one of the companies already having been funded, a second receiving an offer today and a third in negotiations with investors to fund their round, the activity is hot around the Incubate Miami offices.

Nine startups with launching technologies will be presenting their businesses to technologists and investors.

Technologies including “Near Field Communications”, or projects dealing with Android development stacks to create your own customized applications on any Android device from your mobile phone to your tablet or even refrigerators, will be also featured.

Marketing specialists will also be thrilled with a new mobile phone consumer brand reporting tools for real time customer feedback on new product launches. Another product to be showcased is a full online version of American Idol for the year round market and many more new opportunities for the market.

For technologists and investors, Demo Day is a chance to come face to face with the technology leaders of the market.   For more information or to register for the event please visit: