Incubate Miami Demo Day on December 2, 2010

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Thursday December 2nd, 2010, at Incubate Miami Demo Day, four startups will be presenting their new companies to an audience of investors and industry insiders. Here are the 4 presenting companies.

You Celeb

Direct to consumer celebrity styles through a crowsourcing purchasing model.  Led by Amit Dharmani, experienced entrepreneur and style guru, the site provides purchase discounts through the ability to purchase large quantities.  With Groupon valuations hitting 2 Billion+ , direct vertical markets like retailing are a great focus market to be watching.


Social Media rewards programs able to extend brand loyalty programs over social networks.  Come here Mike Dannheim explain why thousands of facebook followers are following him…and you should be as well.


Upset that the new EVO is delayed?  ATT would have known better if they were using the Razient system for global supply chain tracking.  Down to the village tracking in areas like Thailand and Peru to provide real world global incident management to assist manufacturers to maintain a consistent supply chain. Founder Gary Bahadur presenting the company.


The crowd favorite at StartupWeekend Q1 2010, Robert Vila has taken the chore out of chores and built a cleverly disguised gaming platform to help children learn the value of money.   Parents globally have nominated him for man of the year.

Those who are interested in assisting to this event, contact Juan Porras at