Indiana program looks to encourage small business formation

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Officials say a new program launched by the Greater Lafayette Chamber of Commerce will help entrepreneurs and small business owners get the advice and tools they need to start companies, the Journal and Courier reports.

“Small businesses are vitally important to our economy. Our commitment is to help small business thrive and grow,” Joe Seaman, president and chief executive officer of Greater Lafayette Commerce, told the paper.

The program – entitled Small Businesses are ABLE+ to Succeed in Greater Lafayette – allows a small business owner to get financial and business advice online, over the phone or in-person, and lets him or her know about programs that are available to help create a corporation.

“Our services include education, financial, marketing, production and other assistance,” regional director Susan Davis told the paper. “We also help with feasibility studies, venture capital formation, rural development and assistance applying for Small Business Innovation and Research grants.”

The chamber will also co-sponsor three small business seminars in the area later this month, including an entrepreneurial workshop in partnership with the U.S. Small Business Administration.

Entrepreneurs in the state also have the advantages of starting companies in a very favorable corporate environment. A recent CNBC survey found that Indiana was the fourth-best state in the country in terms of business friendliness.