Every domestic stock corporation shall file a Statement of Information – Domestic Stock Corporation with the Secretary of State, within 90 days after filing of its original Articles of Incorporation, and annually thereafter during the applicable filing period.

The applicable filing period for a domestic stock corporation is the end of the calendar month during which its original Articles of Incorporation were filed and the immediately preceding five calendar months. If the name and/or address of the agent for service of process have changed, a corporation must file a complete statement. A corporation is required to file a statement even though it may not be actively engaged in business at the time this statement is due.

The fee for filing the initial or annual Statement of Information is $20.00. In addition, all domestic stock corporations must pay a $5.00 disclosure fee at the time of filing the initial or annual statement, for a total of $25.00. Failure to file the required Statement of Information and the Corporate Disclosure Statement, if required, by the due date will result in the assessment of a penalty. The penalty for domestic stock corporations is $250.

Active Filings provides a blank Statement of Information and a self-addressed envelope at the time of delivering the original Articles of Incorporation. We also provide two certified copies of the formation documents.

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