Innovative Dental Product Company Making Progress With Angel Funding

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The Angel Capital Association recently awarded the Silvertip Luis Villalobos Award to Quantum Dental Technologies. Presentation occurred at the 2011 ACA Summit in Boston, sponsored by the Boston Harbor Angels. The award is named after an individual who was a passionate investor in groundbreaking technologies.

Quantum’s Canary System uses a low power laser to detect tooth decay. This process permits detection much earlier and with greater accuracy than traditional dental methods of visual inspection and x-ray.

The Canary System is painless and non-invasive but also a highly sensitive means for proactive dental care. The technology is expected to significantly alter the delivery of oral healthcare. Using the Canary System as a diagnostic tool permits dentists to identify decay early enough that filling cavities becomes unnecessary. Instead, remineralization is used to reverse the mineral loss in the tooth enamel.

Quantum Dental Technologies has relied upon angel investors to develop its dental hand-piece that contains an integrated intra-oral camera plus a notebook computer with the company’s software already loaded. By scanning each tooth, a picture is created resulting in a diagram of all teeth. A color system on the diagram uses green, yellow, and red for no decay, early decay, and extensive decay needing restorative treatment.

The angel investor network that identified the potential for Quantum was attracted to the ability of the company’s leadership to bring the Canary System to a broad market. Essentially, every dentist office is a prospective customer. Quantum is led by an experienced entrepreneur with several prior ventures as well as other essential members of the management team.

The company has accomplished several target steps in its development. This includes arranging agreements with distributors in major markets. The Canary System is engaged in clinical trials in Canada. Quantum expects regulatory approval in Canada, Europe, and the United States during 2011.

Quantum’s scientists have deployed an approach for refining the Canary System to achieve optimal patient satisfaction. This of course appeals to the dental community that’s ready to buy from Quantum in order to deliver improved patient care. Quantum is another example of how an angel network provides access to capital and more for strategic development new corporations.