Intel and partners start $3.5 billion initiative to assist tech startups

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Intel recently announced an initiative in which it will partner with venture capitalists across the country to give $3.5 billion toward the advancement of tech companies in the U.S. This may be good news for the American economy as the funds could help leverage the nation into the competitive global tech market. It may be also be good news for entrepreneurs interested in tech startup companies.

These funds will be used to help startup business owners develop business plans, conduct necessary market research, and market products, reports the Arizona Republic. Additional money toward research might be especially vital for technological companies since this is a rapidly evolving market.

Intel CEO Paul Otellini said, “Strong, enduring economies grow out of a culture of investment and a commitment to innovation. We simply must have a clear, consistent strategy to promote innovation, investment and start-up companies.”

Tech-minded entrepreneurs might want to capitalize on this initiative by incorporating their businesses and seeking venture capitalist investors affiliated with the Intel project. Potential business owners can easily learn more about how to incorporate a business through online services to increase their chances of gaining startup funds.