IRS offers entrepreneurs new virtual small business tax workshop

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Entrepreneurs considering business incorporation likely know that corporate tax savings are a major benefit of business formation. Still, it might be intimidating to consider all of the necessary tax filings that come with a corporate entity.
Tax filing for small businesses and the self-employed is simple, thanks to an updated virtual workshop offered by the IRS. The interactive resource helps small business owners learn about their federal tax rights to make sure they secure all of the savings they deserve.

The educational product comes with step-by-step instructions and links to the appropriate forms business owners need to file. A bookmark feature also makes it easy for users to return to specific points and complete the workshop at their convenience.

The small business tax workshop is one of many online learning tools the IRS is developing to help the small business community better understand their federal tax responsibilities. Current and prospective business owners can learn more by visiting the IRS website.

Professionals at an incorporation service can also offer entrepreneurs an overview of tax accountability and benefits associated with different business types.