It’s Not Just The Ice Cream Man Anymore

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Let’s be honest. When we think of a mobile business we think of those old, rusted ice cream trucks and county fairs. The world of mobile business has exploded in popularity in recent years and Cookies-Cream is just one example of this.

Head over to New York City and find the corner of Broadway and Prince and you’ll find this mobile business. Cookies-n-Cream doesn’t sell anything edible. Instead, they’re in the T-shirt and toy business. If you walked by this mobile boutique you’ll hear hip hop music and see original T-shirt and toy designs being sold by the ultra-hip, young entrepreneurs. “We’re at the Intersection of cool and cooler”, says the creator of Cookies-n-Cream, Ganiu Ladejobi.

What are the advantages of a mobile business? First, the cost. If you have ever looked at opening a traditional brick and mortar site, you know that you need months of rent up front, furniture, shelving, displays for your showroom, and probably employees unless you plan to work in your business during all open hours. Cookies-n-Cream was opened with a converted DHL truck and a total of $10,000.

Second, mobile businesses can take the business to the customer instead of waiting for the customer to come to the business. We can see this in the tried and true model of an ice cream truck. Where there are kids, there’s ice cream trucks, right? In the case of Cookies-n-Cream, where there are trendy young people in New York, you might see this truck.

Last, there’s a sense of urgency and uniqueness. Customers don’t know if that mobile store will be back to their area so buying now may be their only chance. People will also be attracted to the potential for their purchased item to be a conversation piece. “I bought it from a bunch of guys in a truck on a street corner” is certainly a conversation starter!

What was once barely considered a real business is now taking off as a legitimate, trendy way of selling hot items and gain legitimacy. By the way, what does Cookies-n-Cream make in a day? Between $300 and $1,000 and with a whole fleet of trucks on the way, this thriving mobile business is sure to be the model of business around the nation. Why? The rent is so much cheaper!