Kansas changes multiple filing regulations effective July 1

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Kansas has changed multiple filing regulations – effective on July 1 – that may affect those creating new business incorporations in the state.

Officials are eliminating the Letters of Good Standing to reduce red tape and redundancy in the filing system. The state says the information that was previously contained on the letters will now be included on the Certificate of Good Standing.

Fees for the certificates are also being reduced. While Certificates of Good Standing previously cost $20 for a paper request and $15 for an online request, they will now be reduced to fees normally associated with the letters – $15 for paper requests and $10 for those made online.

The state is streamling its filing process. When a document is filed in the state, it will now be scanned into the state computer system and a scanned copy will be immediately returned to the business or customer, allowing them to see exactly what the state has on file. Previous regulations required the state to return the original document after the filing process.

The new regulations will have the effect of making it easier to create a corporation in Kansas – a state with an already solid business environment. CNBC recently ranked Kansas as the 7th best state in the country for businesses because of a stable state economy and low cost of living.