Maker of Mobile News Reader Leaps Ahead With New Capital

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Pulse is a business that provides a newsreader for iPhone, iPad, and Android. The company has recently raised $9,000,000 from a group of venture capitalists. This brings the total outside funding for Pulse to $10,000,000. Pulse will deploy the new funds to expand its engineering team and develop its application for more platforms. The company had recently launched, which allows readers to archive stories for reading later.

Pulse allows browsing of internet content to locate news of defined interest. With stories become a personal archive on any Pulse-enabled device. In fact, articles can be saved on the website so that readers can retrieve them later on multiple types of devices.

The Pulse application provides content aggregation from several different media sources. The company has content partnerships with The Huffington Post, The New Yorker, TIME, The Wall Street Journal, and more than 50 other organizations. Users of Pulse can choose among various discovery and browsing features. Pulse gives readers an enhanced experience by presenting colorful panning story bars. News is presented from traditional sources, blogs, and social networks.

The Pulse app is a free download so the company is not yet making money from its service. However, the new capital acquisition is a big vote of confidence for the company’s future.

As sales of the iPad and more powerful mobile devices continue to grow, there is considerable competition for market share by newsreader companies operating on those platforms. Pulse reports that it has grown to four million users despite competition from Flipboard, Trove, and Zite.