Maker of Video Calling Application Growing with New Funding

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When businesses are looking for ways to reduce travel costs, they turn to Tango, a video calling application developer. The company recently raised $42,000,000 in a second round of funding.

The Tango app allows smartphone and tablet users to make video calls over 3G and 4G networks. The company, which was incorporated in September 2009, already has 18 million Tango users in 190 countries. A first round of funding raised $5,000,000 from several angel investors.

Tango has announced the impending release of a desktop version of its application. This will permit users of mobile devices to communicate with PC users. Video calling will be offered as a free service to anyone with the Tango app and a camera controlled by Windows, iOS, or Android operating systems. An application for Mac users is planned that further increases the number of platforms able to communicate with each other.

The Tango service functions with peer-to-peer networking, which most file sharing applications utilize today. Consequently, there are no servers that can create scale problems as use of the application increases. In fact, the Tango app has become fairly popular. There were about 1,000,000 downloads by smartphone and tablet users in the first 10 days after release. The technology also results in the shortest delay of video and audio because they are sent straight between the communication devices rather than through a network server.

Tango intends to use most of the new capital infusion to expand its team in China. The company recently opened an office in Beijing with plans to recruit engineering talent there.