complianceThe IRS requires corporations and Limited Liability Companies to obtain an EIN (also called FEIN or just Tax ID). The EIN is not only required to file taxes, but also to open a checking account or any kind of business accounts.

To obtain an EIN  is fast and easy when you have a SSN or ITIN. However, foreign residents that have formed their entities in the US lack of these numbers and the process to obtain a tax ID number becomes more complex.

Our service eliminates that complexity and it makes the EIN obtainment easy, even when you don’t have a SSN or ITIN or you have not formed your business entity through us.


In order to obtain an EIN without having a SSN or ITIN you will need:

  1. a company duly formed in the US (corporation, LLC or nonprofit corporation)
  2. a valid US street address as mailing address (it will take 30 days for you to receive the official notice by mail)

The process is very straight forward. Just click on the following link to order this service online. Our one-time fee is $99.00