Mentoring and Angel Capital to Creator of Phone Marketing Software

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Impact Dialing is a startup corporation that has connected on two objectives to fuel its growth. The company landed an undisclosed amount of funding from the Band of Angels group. In addition, the company has been selected to join the Pivotal Labs incubator.

Impact Dialing  ( first received recognition by winning the Lean Startup Challenge presented by AppSumo. To accomplish this, the company’s founder and CEO, Michael Kaiser-Nyman wrote a blog post that described how he started the business and conducts a lean operation.

The Impact Dialing product is an automatic telephone dialing system that calls from a list of phone numbers rather than requiring manual selection and number entry. The company’s improvement over competitors is that its predictive dialing service is built on cloud computing products. Impact Dialing uses Twilio, the company that integrates phone features into web-based applications.

Impact Dialing uses Amazon Web Services to host its software. That provides a scalable service allowing addition of servers and phone lines to avoid customer limitations during a spike in demand. Customers of Impact Dialing make calls from a self-service web interface. No downloading of special software is required and there’s no waiting for a dialer to load.

The first customers of Impact Dialing have been political campaigns. They took advantage of the company’s simplicity, flexible pricing, and scalability. Services are now used by call centers as an affordable way to increase capacity without making large investments in new computer hardware. The Impact Dialing system can integrate with existing capacity or establish a new on-demand infrastructure.