Mobile Application Maker Draws Capital For New Creation

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Software applications for mobile devises are created for a wide range of basic areas in life. GAIN Fitness has merged a passion for fitness with a useful app. The company recently announced $650,000 of seed funding from several angel investors and groups.

The GAIN Fitness interactive personal trainer app is presently free for iOS mobile devices and web access. So far, more than 600,000 people have created over one million workouts on the application. GAIN Fitness has designed algorithms applying exercise science to personalized workout routines.

The currently free program permits users to enter how much time they have available for a workout. The output is comprised of recommended exercises and a schedule of when to perform them. When a workout is missed, the application adds that factor to focus on a new regimen that makes up for the lost time. The concept entails providing a system of encouraging support.

By taking the guesswork out of exercising, GAIN Fitness also helps dedicated gym members to better budget their time with the right workout routines. Gyms have plenty of equipment and making the right choices with limited time is critical to many individuals. GAIN Fitness eliminates doubt about exercise selection so that individuals retain their willpower to continue trips to the gym.

GAIN Fitness plans to launch a new version of its app in January 2012 that is geared toward personal trainers instead of exercisers. This release allows trainers to create packs of video and audio prompts that guide users throughout each workout. Up to 100 routines are available for a cost of $5 to $10 each. Personal trainers can design and sell the multimedia packs. Each workout can target specific fitness goals and equipment.

The new funding is expected to help GAIN Fitness expand its presence in the trainer network and establish partnership marketing arrangements. Potential engineering developments include social networking elements that allow sharing of workout and fitness challenges.