More Growth For Company That Simplifies Working From Home Offices

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The trend of working from home is rising rapidly and this presents opportunities for starting businesses. One company even formed to provide help for others in working efficiently from home.

Glue Networks provides home-based workers with enterprise cloud networking. This service aims to eliminate network security issues related to working from home. About 3 million individuals worked from home full-time in 2010, according to Telework Research Network. That’s around 2 percent of the US workforce. Another 15 to 20 million conducted work at home part-time. To keep this trend moving forward without technology complications, Glue Networks raised $4,500,000 from various angel investor groups this year.

The Sacramento corporation was founded in 2007. Its main product is Glue Virtual Office, which extends corporate networks to home offices using cloud-based technology. For a low monthly subscription cost, users have real-time applications running on high bandwidth with optimal security features.

Powered by the patent-pending GLUWARE™ technology, Glue Virtual Office is a platform as a service solution with several benefits. The company points out its high performance network using the latest automation products from hardware vendors. Network administrators at the client companies of Glue Networks have full remote user visibility and control. Reports are provided to track activity history and network performance. As a cloud-based platform, Glue Virtual Office has simple web portal access.

The new capital funding for Glue Networks is earmarked to continue its growth in delivering the platform to an expanding number of home-based workers. This technology makes possible the operation of a large geographically diverse workforce at a low cost for the customers of Glue Networks.