NASE Announces Their New Small Business Startup Kit

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You want to start a business but two problems come to mind: You don’t know all of the state and fderal government requirements and you don’t have the funds to hire an attorney to take you through it. The National Association for the Self Employed (NASE) wants to help you with their Startup Kit.

The NASE was founded in 1981 with the mission of providing day to day support of small business owners. Members receive access to experts in the fields related to small business formation, publications written by some of those same experts, and discounted health insurance benefits.

By combining the purchasing power of hundreds of thousands of business owners, NASE has become the largest nonprofit association of its kind in the United States. This has allowed the organization to use its size to make agreement with insurance providers just as a single large cap company would do in order to provide benefits to its employees.

Their latest announcement is the release of their small business startup kit. This kit includes extensive information on topics like, how you register a business, protecting yourself against litigation, how to make a great impression, how to develop good financial habits for your business and how money management as a business owner is different than managing your home finances.

This start up pack isn’t free. In order to receive it you have to be a member of the NASE. Perspective small business owners may be hesitant to become part of a professional organization before opening the doors of their business but it may be money well spent. Being part of professional organizations where you can communicate and network with others further along in the evolution of their business may be the single best way to open your doors with the tools you need for success.

Along with the NASE, there are other organizations that are committed to the success of the small business community. The Kauffman Foundation, the largest foundation committed to small business growth and the United States Small Business Association, the government agency charged with furthering the success of people just like you. Each of these three organizations have a wealth of information that any business startup will find helpful.

Along with the Startup Kit published by the NASE, numerous other publications from the Kauffman Foundation as well as the Small Business Association offer free advice from people who have taken the same journey that you may be about to take.