New Business Growth From Helping People Enjoy Life

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Multitasking is so pervasive that it includes periods of pleasure as well as work. For example, the passive activity of watching television is enlivened for many people who simultaneously communicate with friends about a particular show. In the past, they stayed on the phone to comment about the program plus talk at length during commercial breaks. Recently, interaction using the Internet has gained popularity.

The use of a second screen to chat during a television show is facilitated by GetGlue. The two-year-old company has millions of users of its website, iPhone app, and Facebook plug-in feature. Over 350 million total logins have occurred since the business started.

The GetGlue web and mobile service helps people interact with individuals who share an attraction to a specific TV program or movie. Users gain loyalty points and memorabilia for commenting with fellow fans. They also discover new shows watched by individuals with similar taste.

Producers of television content have moved to encourage fan interaction. For example, promotion of Twitter hashtags during a show inspires viewers to stream comments and questions. A  study in early 2011 indicated that 86 percent of people use mobile devices while watching TV. Comments are pervasive on Twitter about such programs as Glee and American Idol during broadcasts.

With GetGlue, interaction among fans on second screens is even easier. The company creates dedicated communities where discussions can happen in real time.

Advertising revenues are available from streaming information about popular TV programs. GetGlue already has partnerships with 75 television networks that produce the programming content. This permits GetGlue to provide insights about the shows, deliver breaking news, and offer perks for utilizing second screen options.

GetGlue recently announced a new round of investor capital totaling $12,000,000. The company is working on further building its personalized media-rich second screen experience. New corporations are likely to pursue similar business plans because spending for TV advertising tends to follow avenues with targeted audiences.