New Business Opportunities Continue to Arise in Online Discount Marketplace

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As online sales continue to grow, Vertive is positioned for significant expansion over the next few months. The internet marketing company is based in Austin, Texas, and already launched earlier this year. The latest move by Vertive is deploying as an online marketplace.

Most daily deal sites – such as Groupon and LivingSocial – focus on small businesses in local markets. But, Vertive’s site aims at creating an alternative to discounted local services or restaurants. Instead, the company is using for access to discounts with national online retailers. The first offer on is $50 worth of holiday cards from Zazzle for only $20. Zazzle’s website provides consumers with customizable card products.

Vertive purchased the domain name two years ago. Since that time, the company has developed its concept. The result is another deal site that distinguishes itself from similar websites.

While building the website around a new business plan, Vertive raised $7,000,000 in 2010 to launch or acquire other online marketing sites. offers discounts with 2,500 companies using coupon codes accessed online. Vertive also operates, which provides discounts and other retail offers from 3,000 merchants.

The internet retail industry is still growing with hundreds of small websites offering a variety of discount avenues. Many larger companies have substantial financial backing to make acquisitions of smaller operations.

Whether Vertive will become a major player or become acquired is unknown. But, for the next several months, the company is simply benefiting from the success it has experienced since a 2004 business start. Vertive plans to increase its Austin workforce from 50 to 70 employees by early 2012. Personnel additions are expected for product management, web development, engineering, and merchandising.