New Business Uses Cloud Computing to Redefine Video Editing Process

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Finding the engineering talent to turn an idea into a cloud-based application allowed the founders of WeVideo start a new business that’s gaining plenty of attention. The company was established during 2011 in Sunnyvale, California. However, the concept was initiated by a parent organization in Norway.

After several years of providing educational video material, Inspera – the Norwegian operation – decided to deliver a video editing experience to everyone. With the launching of WeVideo, the public can now engage in video storytelling and social editing by accessing a process with cloud computing. Users can edit videos with their web browsers instead of needing expensive software. The WeVideo editing service is based upon Adobe Flash.

The objective of WeVideo is allowing the many online video postings to utilize a professional editing process. Because a majority of online videos are unedited, the company’s vision is removing the barriers of cost and complexity that have previously impeded video editing.

WeVideo doesn’t require substantial computing resources for users to attain high quality editing. Video clips and photos are uploaded and edited in the cloud as the storyline is created within a browser. Video and music is easily stored for editing at a future time. The company even has an Android application for mobile video capture.

The cloud process permits collaboration on a project. When finished, the result is shared on the WeVideo site or published on any other website or social network page. The service is integrated with YouTube so that users of that video hosing site can seamlessly use WeVideo editing tools. The YouTube site features video editing tools of both WeVideo and rival firm Magisto.

WeVideo just raised $19.1 million in its first round of funding, which is earmarked for growing the company’s consumer business. The service is offered as several plan choices. The Plus service has a cost of $7 per month, Ultra incurs a monthly fee of $40, and a Commercial version is available for $80 each month to more sophisticated journalists and marketers. The Ultra and Commercial options provide substantial storage capacity and deliver the ability to edit 720p high-definition video. Plan choices also impact the number of invited collaborators permissible for each project.