New Business With Innovative Service Raising Capital For Growth

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Introducing an innovative idea to the market is often easier by selling to big corporations. For example, the creations of Ifeelgoods provide benefits to the customers of bigger companies. These large enterprises pay Ifeelgoods for developing loyal customer relationships by furnishing something of value.

Ifeelgoods gives companies a way to offer customers digital credits, instead of enticing buyers with discounted prices. Among the global brands using Ifeelgoods are 1800Flowers, Gap, and Universal Pictures. Their customers get digital credits for participating in marketing campaigns. This turns the shopping experience into a social game.

For example, Universal Pictures worked with Ifeelgoods to give away one million digital credits as part of the promotion for the movie “Tower Heist.” Consumers liked the movie’s Facebook page, shared stories on the wall, and participated in trivia games. The credits earned are exchangeable for Facebook game activities just like purchased credits.

The idea behind Ifeelgoods is to get more emotional attachment from consumers to advertising campaigns. The value of digital credits attracts users to spend more time interacting online and spreading the marketing message. Providers of digital goods include Facebook, Skype, and Starbucks.

Ifeelgoods receives a commission based upon the amount of participation it attracts for the campaigns of its client companies. The one-year-old business has raised $9,000,000 of outside capital. But, it still faces the challenge of teaching companies about the benefit of digital credits.

Management at Ifeelgoods is committed to showing that virtual interactions not only reduce marketing costs but also attract buyers. The online world is comprised of consumers who gather both the perks associated with digital credits plus product information spread on social media. Ifeelgoods claims that campaigns offering Facebook credits obtain three to five times more click throughs than traditional physical discount opportunities.