New Company Expanding With Next Generation of Cloud Services

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Many successful corporations are started to deliver services for companies meeting the challenge of spreading a new technology. These second-generation providers of platforms as a service enjoy the growth of a new market without risk of developing the consumer products.

An example of this phenomenon is DotCloud, a startup business that helps app developers deploy their creations to consumers. The company was founded in 2010 with $800,000 of funding from angel investors. In 2011, the company has raised an additional $10,000,000 from venture capital institutions.

DotCloud handles cloud-based product configuration, provisioning, monitoring, scaling, and backup. This permits app developers to concentrate their efforts on simply writing code that creates the applications. Consequently, the company is more than a simple provider of infrastructure. With DotCloud, developers can quickly deploy their apps without having to configure and manage everything themselves.

DotCloud also gives developers flexibility to write apps in different languages in order to try various frameworks and databases. Developers can easily use several pre-configured software components. They simply create the optimal cloud stack for their applications and then allow DotCloud to administer the delivery. Different applications use a variety of stacks. Developers who use DotCloud don’t require additional servers or other infrastructure to mix languages, databases, caching, and messaging components.

The capital raised in 2011 is supporting further expansion of DotCloud to offer its blend of basic old technology with a new flexible approach. Simplicity and developer control by supporting multiple platforms sets this new business in the forefront of the next generation of cloud product delivery.