New Company Helps Businesses Hire Job Applicants With the Right Hidden Skills

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Proving once again that a sound idea for starting a business is providing an easy solution to a common problem, Smarterer created a no-hassle way for employers to better evaluate job applicants. Recently, the young company raised $1.75 of new capital from several angel investors along with True Ventures and Google Ventures. This brings the total outside capital for Smarterer to $3 million since the company started in 2010.

The website allows administration of several tests and rating of job seeker skills. According to Smarterer management, the company has delivered 10 million test questions and about one million of them related to Microsoft Excel alone. The Smarterer test for Excel knowledge has been taken 42,000 times. Other exams test ability with PowerPoint, Photoshop, Facebook, Twitter, basic math, accounting, and much more. In all, the Smarterer website has over 500 tests.

The company’s Skillsets platform aims at giving hiring managers a rank of job candidate skills. Businesses value the system in order to select qualified job applicants that are not expected to tie up resources for on-the-job training. Smarterer takes the guesswork out of knowing someone’s aptitude for certain types of work.

An additional goal is helping professionals demonstrate their existing abilities, especially those that meet the requirements for specific jobs. So, job seekers can use Smarterer to prove their aptitudes rather than just list them on a resume. In fact, anyone can use Smarterer to test the success at polishing certain skills. Even someone not in the job market can maintain a record of professional expertise. Like keeping a resume updated, a person never knows when a proven record of proficiency might come in handy.

The investment appeal of Smarterer is embodied in its popularity. The company reported at the beginning of 2012 that its number of uses increased by 1,250 percent in just one week.