New Funding to Provider of Creative Service for App Users

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With so many mobile application choices, finding the right one to accomplish a specific task is cumbersome. Quixey has emerged as a premier service business to improve the app search process. A new financing deal provides the company with $3,800,000 in its first round of institutional capital. This gives Quixey funds to fuel growth and development of new partnership arrangements.

Quixey started in business to improve routine app searches relative to the approach of existing service providers. Most app store search is conducted based upon keywords found in app titles and short descriptions written by the developers. Quixey gathers data from review sites, blogs, and social networks to identify the actual functionality of various apps.

This enhanced amount of variables comprises more detail than merely what app developers write about their products. Therefore, Quixey delivers plenty of information about application functions and features.

Quixey users enjoy extensive lists containing complete and accurate data for app selection. The company’s goal is for users to find the correct technology delivering what is really sought in an app.

The Quixey service is available for searches of desktop and web applications in addition to the growing universe of mobile apps. Quixey app search works on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android platforms. Among the products assessed by Quixey are plugins and browser extensions as well as stand alone apps and web apps. Users of Quixey can even search for apps to accomplish specific functions with Facebook, Chrome, and Firefox.

Quixey’s new capital infusion is intended to create delivery of the company’s services on more devices and establish improved partnerships with manufacturers, carrier networks, and app stores. Quixey expects to power the app searches for iTunes App Store and Android Market, which control the apps downloaded to smartphones and other mobile devices.