New online tool helps entrepreneurs assess the strengths of their startup business plans

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According to a report from the Kauffman Foundation, many entrepreneurs fail to capitalize on opportunities for business formation because they fear risk-taking endeavors. But what if an online resource could help an entrepreneur determine the risk of their new company?Now, offers an online assessment tool that gives potential startup business owners an in-depth examination of their ideas. Through a 32-question survey, the tool asks entrepreneurs about their experiences, their knowledge of a given market, and their business plans.

Then, the software produces a customized report about how entrepreneurs can strengthen their business plans. It suggests relevant areas of research for greater business success and gives tips on how to improve chances of receiving funding.

The report will make specific recommendations about the next steps an entrepreneur should take wherever weakness is perceived in a business plan. This might be especially helpful as Inc. magazine says having a plan that addresses market needs and boasts unique services is one of the most critical things for startup business success.

Once entrepreneurs assess their risks and take all the steps they can to ensure success, they can continue business formation with confidence. Those ready to take the plunge can find inexpensive incorporation through online professional services.