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Incorporate in the USA with total satisfaction guaranteedDania Beach, May 4th, 2015. We are pleased to announce a reduction in our business incorporation fees, as well as minor incorporation plans adjustments.

New Rates for Business Incorporation Services

The following list shows our current pricing for each available service:

  • Business incorporation: $49.00 + State filing fees
  • EIN Obtainment: $69.00
  • S Corporation form preparation: $39.00
  • Expedited Processing: $99.00 + State fee
  • Customized Bylaws: $99.00
  • Customized Operating Agreement: $99.00
  • Articles of Amendment: $119.00 + State fee.
  • Certified Copy of the Formation Documents: $99.00
  • 501(c)(3) Service: $799.00

Delivery Options

  • Overnight Delivery through FedEx: $49.00
  • Priority Mail Delivery: $20.00
  • Electronic Delivery: $ FREE (includes first class mailing of original documents, if any)

International Services

  • International delivery through FedEx or Similar: $120.00
  • Apostille certification: $119.00
  • US Mailing Address 1 year: $430.00
  • US Mailing Address 6 months: $270.00
  • Certificate of Incumbency – with Apostille: $220.00
  • EIN Obtainment for non US residents: $99.00
  • Business incorporation foreign customers: $99.00 + State fee
  • Certificate of Good Standing / Status: $119.00
  • Quick Report of Corporate Status: $30.00

Publishing Services

  • Pennsylvania Advertising Requirements for Corporations and Non Profits: $250.00
  • Georgia Advertising Requirements for Corporations and Non Profits: $120.00
  • Arizona Advertising Requirement: $180.00
  • Nebraska Publication Requirements for Corporations, Non Profits and LLC: $200.00

Changes in our Incorporating Packages

  • Electronic delivery is the default option for our domestic plans. Priority Shipping and Handling is an optional service now.
  • Our Complete Plan now includes the Preparation of Bylaws or Operating Agreement.
  • We added 6 months of US Mailing Address to our International Plan. Our international customers can now select 1 year of service or just 6 months.

Free Is Better

As usual, our Incorporation packages will continue including the following free services:

  • FREE – Online Access to Your Document
  • FREE – One Year of Registered Agent Services
  • FREE – Tax Consultation
  • FREE – Virtual Corporate Kit
  • FREE – Instructions to Fulfill Publishing Requirements
  • FREE – Action by Written Consent of Incorporator
  • FREE – Full support
  • FREE – eDelivery of corporate documents

We are confident that our customers and visitors will find as one of the most affordable service provider and a company that provides more services and value for their money.