New study says Virginia has top business climate

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There’s good news for those working to create a corporation in Virginia. A new study by Pollina Corporate Real Estate has ranked the state as the most pro-business in the country.

The annual study ranked each state on 31 different factors controlled by the state government, including taxes, energy costs, economic development initiatives and education.

“Keeping America employed in good, high-paying jobs will become increasingly more difficult in the future,” says Brent Pollina, vice president of the company. “It is critical for every state – and especially the federal government – to understand what the top 10 states have done to produce the best business environment and thus the best job growth for their constituents.”

Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell celebrated what he called “no small feat,” and praised the state legislature for creating multiple programs to encourage business expansion and job growth.

Utah, Wyoming, South Carolina and North Carolina also finished in the ranking’s top five. Louisiana showed the biggest improvement over the past year, vaulting a staggering 20 slots from No. 40 to 20th on the list.