New York offers small business incubators to boost business formation

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It seems that governments are starting to get savvy about how to increase entrepreneurial activities for the public good. According to Forbes, New York officials are leading the way with efforts to increase business formation in the state.The source says New York can serve as a model to other state governments with their efforts to ensure that business innovators have access to necessary resources and networking opportunities that might enable them to create viable business models.

To date, Forbes says the state has offered “groundbreaking entrepreneurial initiatives,” including international business plan competitions, an angel investment fund, and – most recently – a Big Apps competition.

The Big Apps competition rewarded private citizen for their attempts to create models for user-friendly digital applications using city data. While there are no reports yet as to whether the winners will actually develop their models, the contest definitely sparked an entrepreneurial flame among constituents.

The state also boasts an excellent startup business incubator. According to the Business Incubator Association of New York State’s website, the New York City Economic Development Corporation funds the incubator’s services, which range from offering information on how to incorporate to business plan critiques.

Entrepreneurs may want to consider heading to the Big Apple to take advantage of these services, or they can seek the counsel of professionals at an incorporation service.