No office could be no problem for today’s entrepreneurs

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In an increasingly digital world, it’s relatively simple for business owners to conduct their work from home. Entrepreneurs no longer need to have an office for their operations before undergoing business formation.A report from says launching a corporation without a physical office is a growing trend. Whether or not traditional offices should be obsolete is a hot debate in the business world.

Advocates of virtual offices argue that it’s more important to bring together information than people to run a successful business. This can easily be done via computers, so it may be pointless to make employees commute to a common workspace. Additionally, cutting back on office space means reducing corporate operating costs.

Still, some skeptics say that workers are less productive when working from home. “There’s something to be said for supervising people on-site,” quotes an entrepreneur as saying. “Sometimes that’s less expensive than people not doing their jobs.”

Still, other reports suggest that virtual offices might inspire creativity. says traditional offices with overhead lights and oppressive cubicles might not be the most conducive environment for innovative work.

Whether an entrepreneur ultimately wants an office or not, it’s increasingly clear that they are not essential for startups. Prospective business owners can incorporate today and make decisions about office space tomorrow.