Northern Kentucky University offers free small business development workshop

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For entrepreneurs in the Kentucky area considering business formation who do not have much experience handling finances, a new workshop offered by Northern Kentucky University might provide needed guidance, reports The free workshop is open to any potential business owners interested in learning about business accounting. Interested entrepreneurs can register online for no charge.

The workshop will be held March 18, and it will give entrepreneurs a basic overview of business accounting practices they might need to get their companies started. According to the source, the goal of the workshop is to help “prospective business owners understand essential controls required to successfully launch and run a business.”

The workshop might prove beneficial for many entrepreneurs as says that cash flow issues and poor financial management is the third leading causes of startup failure.

In addition to the finance management workshop, NKU will also be offering entrepreneurs classes about pre-startup fundamentals and finding funding sources.

However, entrepreneurs would also be well-advised to do their homework on incorporation before starting a new business. Future business owners can visit online incorporation sites to learn more about this crucial process to starting a business.