Photo Application Developer Gets New Round of Capital

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Pixable has developed an application to find and categorize photos shared on a user’s social networks. The company has closed $3,600,000 of new venture capital funding after raising $2,500,000 in 2010.

Pixable ( permits browsing, searching, and tracking of friends’ photos. It also ranks photos in order to tailor content to user preferences. Users can also follow friends for notification of their comments, tags, or uploading of new content. The application is available on the company’s website and as a download for the iPhone and iPad.

The free Pixable app presents “Best Photos of the Day” based upon relevance to the user. Pixable launched a photo aggregation Facebook app in early 2011. The Photofeed app sources and ranks photos from a user’s Facebook friends.

Other Pixable applications are Pocketpix, which permits sharing of photos on a user’s wall or blog. MyPhotoStats finds out which friends a user has tagged with most often. It also views and downloads photos where a user appears together with selected friends.

Pixable Videos transforms photos and music into a video. The company expects to expand into categorizing and ranking functions for videos as it now does for photos. Pixable claims to have enabled over one million users with an enhanced experience of managing online photos.

Use of the web for social networking is constantly expanding. This is becoming easier with a new generation of photo and video uploading applications. Pixable is building a suite of applications for sorting all that content and assuring that users don’t miss what’s most important to them.

With its new funding, Pixable will expand its engineering team and product offerings. The company’s goal is to deliver an optimal search and viewing experience on all platforms – including mobile devices.