Portland Oregon: An unexpected entrepreneurial city

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Entrepreneurs considering business formation can choose to incorporate in any of the 50 states or the District of Columbia. In order to make the most out of business incorporation benefits, entrepreneurs might consider which cities are the most business-friendly.

It’s easy to think of New York or Los Angeles as major metro areas where businesses could boom, but Portland, Oregon, might be worth a second glance.

The Index of Entrepreneurial Activity published by the Kauffman Foundation ranked Oregon as the 12th most active state in the U.S. in terms of startups. OregonLive.com reports that Portland accounts for two-thirds of the state’s total economy.

Matthew Slavin, president of the Portland-based Sustainability Consulting Group, told the source that there is “robust evidence that localities that afford a high quality of life have a competitive advantage in attracting smart, entrepreneurial people.” He says this gives Portland a significant advantage as sustainable local government policies promote activities that will help reduce the state’s lingering unemployment rate.

Moreover, the Oregon State Department says business owners in the area can benefit from the new Technical Assistance for Employers Program of the Bureau of Labor Industries at the end of this month.

The time may be right to take advantage of this business-friendly program – and all the cost-savings and security guarantees that come with business incorporation – by forming a company in Portland.