Provider of Innovative Customer Service Technology Raises New Funding

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Retaining satisfied customers is essential for every business and UserVoice provides innovative ways of meeting that goal. The company reports that 75,000 businesses are utilizing the services offered. Among the clientele of UserVoice are HootSuite, Seesmic, and Posterous.

Based in San Francisco, CA, UserVoice was founded in 2008. A new office is opening in Raleigh following the recent announcement of $1,000,000 in new capital. Total investment in the growing company is only $2,000,000 since inception.

UserVoice offers three general plans to its clients. Each strategy incurs a different price and is scaled so that client businesses with small customer bases pay lower fees. The Feedback option collects customer input and helps client companies easily respond. With the Help Desk plan, UserVoice creates a centralized location for a company to address customer issues. The Full Service package integrates both choices.

The company reports that its system has logged 40 million user interactions. One example of the novel developments by UserVoice is Instant Answers. This tool allows customers to type questions on the inquiry screen of a company’s website and instantly see relevant articles available from a knowledge database. Instant Answers uses search engine technology to compare words in the typed question.

By providing immediate access to possible answers, customers often obtain solutions without having to email the questions. According to UserVoice, up to 40 percent of questions are answered in this way. That greatly reduces needed responses from support personnel and eliminates customer complaints before they even start.

UserVoice offers several widgets for company websites to facilitate customer interface. In addition, the company has a Facebook app permitting customers of client companies to submit input about how to improve products and service.