Registration scam targeting corporations

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Officials in Arkansas are warning small business owners about a new business registration scam that many companies have reported to the state.

The state Attorney General’s office says that several business types have received a letter from the United States Corporation Register with the state flag at the top of the form. The form says that in order to be listed in a register of companies, the corporation needs to send a check to cover the costs.

The mailing also implies that companies that don’t send a payment may lose their corporate charters.

“Scam artists have no shame,” said Attorney General Dustin McDaniel. “Using small businesses to illegally make a profit is indefensible, and I hope Arkansas business owners will continue reporting these incidents so we can better protect honest working citizens and their money.”

Officials in Ohio have also issued an alert to business owners in the state about a very similar scam, also under the name of the United States Corporation Register. Officials there say the mailing promises to send a CD with details about companies in the U.S. if small business owners send payment within 10 days.