Repeat Startup Entrepreneurs Raise Capital

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Customer relationship management software has become increasingly essential to many professions. Assistly, a corporation that provides such software, has raised $3,000,000 of new capital.

The Assistly customer relationship management product adds social media to the program. The resulting package permits internet communication in a single interface. The web application in the Assistly software feeds data from media services like Facebook and Twitter. Users of Assistly can specify tags or keywords that crawl social networks for individuals who use them. Assistly users can then respond to those people.

Assistly isn’t the first business endeavor of the corporation’s founders. The team has started three previous companies together. Assistly is their third venture in the customer service arena. The success of a prior company for its investors led to backing for Assistly, which launched in September 2009.

Assistly initially raised about $1,700,000 prior to its most recent funding. The latest round included an angel investor, a private equity company, and a venture capital firm. The company intends to deploy the additional $3,000,000 of capital by aggressively marketing Assistly software. Establishing a sales force is a top priority since the corporation has never had a marketing budget. The company’s new focus is exposing the market for customer relationship management software to the features currently available only with Assistly.