Saint-Laurent gives business formation a boost with PME Academie

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Entrepreneurs who are undergoing business formation might be interested in learning about those who will join their ranks thanks to a contest hosted by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Saint-Laurent. The competition will award startup funds to promising business plans. According to the Philadelphia Examiner, Montreal’s PME Academie will assist in the chamber’s initiative to help continental business formation. The contest will also receive support from TD Bank Financial Group.

The contest committee will select winners based on the promise of applicants’ submitted business plans. With a first prize of more than $100,000 and runner-up prizes exceeding a total of $30,000, the source says contest organizers wanted to draw as many entries as possible.

The committee has already announced eight finalists. During the next three months, these finalists will undergo training at PME Academie to help them further develop their business ideas into commercially realizable plans.

Entrepreneurs who missed the boat with the contest should still be encouraged about starting up businesses – a Small Business Administration study suggests startups do well in trying times. Interested future business owners can find inexpensive incorporation services online to help them get their businesses started.