Save money during the early days of a startup

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A report from the Small Business Administration indicates that economic trying times often provide the best climate for new businesses to find success. Still, that doesn’t mean finding the funds to start new businesses is easy in the midst of recession.
A report from gives entrepreneurs some financing tips to fund business formation through savvy, cash-saving moves. First, would-be business owners shouldn’t be afraid to barter. Offering products and services in return for tools needed to launch a company could not only save some cash, but it might also lead to referrals.

Another tip is to spend money as late as possible. Working hard to raise money offers lessons in thoughtful spending. Entrepreneurs who are thrifty in the beginning will have time to learn what their companies really need to spend on, and delaying purchases can help save enough funds to buy expensive but necessary items.

It’s also advisable for small business owners to sign their own checks. When starting a business, each cent spent counts. Accountants with pre-signed checks might not think twice before spending the same way an entrepreneur would.

Entrepreneurs might also find that incorporation will save costs down the road as a proper business entity is more likely to win investors, and they can save costs now by investigating inexpensive incorporation options available online.