Scam Targeting Florida Business Owners

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The BBB of Southeast Florida informs about an scam scene targeting Florida -and other states- business owners by the Corporate Record Services’ misleading mailings.

FL companies are receiving what appeared to be an official notice from Corporate Records Service in Tallahassee, Florida asking them to complete the “Annual Minutes Records Form” and submit a $125 fee. They also request the business provide the corporate officers and directors list of the company.

For a $125 fee, Corporate Records Service claims they will prepare documentos “to satisfy the annual minutes requimenent for your corporation”. However, the FL statutes do not require that these minutes be sumbitte to any outside entity, including the Department of State’s office.

While business are required to maintain annual minutes and corporate resolutions, the state of Florida and so far none of the other states, require that you file these documents and pay any fee to the state or any private entity.