Small business owners may be trying to do too much

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Working to create a corporation and run it successfully takes a number of very different skills, including financial management, marketing and technology savvy. But sometimes, as Associated Press columnist Joyce Rosenberg writes, a small business owner needs to be able to ask for help.

Many entrepreneurs, she says, are stubborn, and try to do everything themselves. But trying to handle all of the company’s administrative issues can sometimes take them away from what’s really important for a new business – finding and interacting with potential clients.

In order to achieve that kind of balance, it may be helpful to bring in outside help. Rosenberg says that even bringing in an accountant or bookkeeper part-time can help the company run better without being too much of a cost-burden. It could also free up the small business owner’s time to deal with other issues.

In order to help prevent a small business owner from becoming burnt out, USA Today columnist Steve Strauss suggests that entrepreneurs take steps to automate or delegate as many tasks as possible so they can manage their time more efficiently.