Smart Voice Recognition Marketing Company Raises Expansion Capital

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Saygent claims to provide the world’s smartest voice response and analysis product. The company’s software as a service offering uses voice patterns to figure out customer emotions. Saygent is a fairly new business that was started in 2009.

Saygent is expanding it operations with plans to hire engineers and obtain new customers after its recent first round of funding round for $1,000,000.

The company is targeting large companies with substantial numbers of customers. Among the enterprises Saygent has reached are Comcast and the Royal Bank of Canada. Saygent uses crowd-sourcing techniques that allow companies to reach customers regarding products, services, and customer service. The Saygent package allows for voice response interpretation of audience emotions, such as sentiment and intent.

The scale of Saygent’s product eliminates the need to use expensive call centers. Instead, the company’s platform interviews a target audience over the telephone and automatically analyzes responses. The result is improved understanding of a market for reduced cost.

Saygent is based in Mountain View, California. One of the founders is Guy Hirsch, who has previously started three other companies. The co-founder of Saygent is MIT graduate and chief technologist, Mariya Genzel.

Suppliers of funding to Saygent include individual angel investors Ty Danco and Matthew Grodin along with venture capital firms 500 Startups, Innovation Endeavors, Juvo Capital, Kapor Capital, and Kima Ventures.