Social and Useful Are The Aim of New Fashion Mobile App

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Creating a business around a mobile app is a popular trend. Plenty of commercial opportunities abound for socializing and simplifying aspects of everyday life. A new fashion mobile app for the iPhone and iPad called Cloth was recently released.

Cloth allows users to coordinate wardrobe ensembles and track when various clothing items were last worn. Fashion conscious consumers use Cloth to organize clothing by theme or season. No longer will forgotten clothing articles sit in the back of a closet. With Cloth, the frequency of use for each item is recorded.

The application receives uploads of clothing pictures, including coordinated separates. Cloth then shows outfits in sequential order or as a wardrobe scan of various clothing categories. The social function of Cloth is that users can share ensembles with friends or simply post pictures of them on the Cloth website. This permits people to convey ideas of what they plan to wear for specific events and obtain comments. Users are given badges for sharing. Cloth selects favorite outfits and rewards users with web postings for everyone to view.

The co-creators of the Cloth app are Seth Porges, who is a writer and senior editor at Maxim magazine, and Wray Serna, designer of the Ambit fashion line. Cloth simplifies merely taking pictures with a phone and sending them to various friends. Some other fashion apps exist that record closet contents, but Porges claims Cloth is easier to use than Stylebook, TouchCloset, and Go Try It On. Those competitors require users to fill in several boxed before sharing with friends.

The Cloth app sells for $1.99 and proves room still exists for new business creations in the mobile app business. Fashion apps are a crowded space, especially with the popularity of fashion tip site StyleMint and fashion recommendation source BeachMint. But perhaps a popular category of apps is a good place for a new application to attract attention.