Starting a Business to Deliver a Simple Solution to a Common Problem Brings Success to Las Vegas Entrepreneur

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Everyone knows that hangovers are common in Las Vegas, but only one person viewed this an opportunity to start a new business. Jason Burke was right when he decided that people are willing to pay for a convenient solution to their troubles after a rough night on the town.

The targeted market for Hangover Heaven is obvious. An extensive search of Las Vegas isn’t required to find demand for the company’s hangover medical treatment service. Burke is an anesthesiologist that prefers the world of entrepreneurship. His business has only one office location. But Hangover Heaven also has two mobile clinics and more expected as the company is expanding.

The mobile service began just this year and has proven an immediate hit with the public. Burke’s promotional techniques are sound considerations for anyone starting a new business. The novelty of the business has attracted substantial media attention. Therefore, despite the widespread appeal of the service, it embodies an unusual newsworthy approach. Hangover Heaven has been featured on local news and even grabbed a few international headlines. This is easing the ability to promote the new business service. Local hotels are considering the addition of Hangover Heaven to their concierge recommendations. A production company aims to base a reality television series on the company’s operation.

Hangover Heaven is treating about 70 hard partying hangover suffers each weak. Most are suffering from nausea, headache, and muscle aches. Treatments include intravenous hydration along with medication for nausea and inflammation. The company’s Salvation Package is priced $150 and comprises about 65 percent of revenue. A lesser Redemption Package has a $90 price. This is substantially less than an emergency room visit, where the care for a basic hangover is the same.

Burke claims a 94 percent customer satisfaction rate based upon his company’s treatment of 350 people without complications. Most users are tourists to Las Vegas. They arrive at Hangover Heaven complaining of symptoms they rate at an average of 6.6 on a 10-point scale. After treatment, the average score of symptoms is reduced to 1.5.

As the business grows, Burke is further promoting the service by advertising on taxicabs. In addition, he sells Hangover Heaven T-shirts with a variety of catchy phrases for customers to wear back to their hometowns. Anything to spread the message about Hangover Heaven creates new potential users of the service. The company even takes reservations.